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The Jeep with the dragon tattoo
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Looks like Lisbeth Salander can finally trade her bike in for something better suited to winter in Sweden.

The black and bronze Jeep Wrangler Dragon Edition features a charcoal dragon tattoo that runs from the hood down the driver’s side of the truck.

Technically it’s an appliqué, and there’s another on the spare tire carrier, along with gloss black inserts on the bumpers, grille and lights, as well as a body-color removable roof.

Originally introduced as a concept at last year’s Beijing auto show and targeted at the Chinese market, response was so good that it will be available as a limited edition model in the U.S. for 2014.

Along with the exterior design elements, the $36,095 package comes with the underpinnings of the Wrangler Sahara and gets an interior trimmed out in the same color scheme, with additional dragon imagery embroidered into the seats and incorporated into the gauge cluster and passenger side grab handle.

According to Jeep, ‘the dragon symbolizes strength and power and is an aspirational character normally associated with royalty and good fortune.”

Seeing as how the Wrangler is selling at record levels, Jeep seems to have all of the good fortune it needs right now, but its nice of it to share.

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