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Wheels, tires and stance make a huge difference in the appearance of any car. Swap steel wheels for a set of mags or alloys and it’s like looking at a completely different car. In no particular order, here are some of the most iconic post-war wheel designs.

  1. GM Rally II.
    It’s a simple and great-looking steel wheel, with slots around the perimeter, a chrome beauty ring and the trademark center cap. These look fantastic on any GM performance car, particularly Camaros and Corvettes.
  2. Magnum 500.
    This styled steel wheel might just be one of the prettiest OEM wheels of all time. The black center trim sets off the chrome rims and the petals radiating from the center. Mounted with 70-series tires, they look great filling the wheelwells of any Boss 302, AMX, GTX or Avanti II.

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