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Is the Toyota Prius theft repellent?

Published November 23, 2012

  • 2009prius660.jpg

    2009 Toyota Prius (Toyota)

For such a popular car the Toyota Prius gets very little love among thieves.

A study by The National Insurance Crime Bureau found that since it went on sale in the United States in 2000 until June of this year, only 2,439 of the over 1.2 million Prii (Toyota’s chosen plural form) have been reported stolen. That’s 1 in every 608 cars, compared to an industry average of 1 in 78.

Even more incredible, 96.7 of the stolen cars were recovered, leaving only about 80 unsolved cases over the past 12 years.

Although the report only focused on the statistics, not the factors behind them, an NCIB spokesperson suggests that the above average income level of Prius owners could play a role, as the cars are often kept in safer neighborhoods and under better security.

A Toyota spokesperson adds that the unique nature of many of the parts used to build the Prius means there’s less of a demand for them on the black market and that Prius owners tend to have their high-tech cars serviced at reputable garages.

Whatever the reasons, Prius owners may end up saving a lot more than gas.

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