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Datsun begins sales of $5,000 car in India
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Datsun is back in business after the resurrected brand started selling cars in India this week.

Announced just last year, the name returns to the automotive arena after a nearly three-decade absence, this time as a value brand aimed at so-called “new risers” in emerging markets.

Its initial effort is called the Go, the name a tribute to the first car built in 1914 by what was then known as DAT, before the company adopted the familiar Datsun name in 1933.

The back-to-basics five-door is powered by a 68 hp three-cylinder engine and costs just 312,000 rupees, or about $5,000 dollars.

Datsun has a quick expansion scheduled, with the addition of a Go Plus minivan to the lineup and sales beginning in Russia, Indonesia and South Africa before the end of the year.

As of now, there are no plans to reintroduce the brand to the United States, where it’s first iteration ended in 1986.