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10 Key Car Repairs on the Road to 200,000 miles

Posted by on Mar 11, 2016 in Helpful Tips | Comments Off on 10 Key Car Repairs on the Road to 200,000 miles

Published January 25, 2016 Consumer Reports Facebook13 Twitter0 Email Print  (Toyota) Getting to—and passing—200,000 miles on the odometer is an impressive feat, but it’s by no means unachievable. Reliability in many new cars has improved, and even the maintenance schedule in owner’s manuals has been changed to help you get more miles out of your car. As you approach that milestone, many of your car’s components will start to wear out. We recommend that you closely follow the service interval schedule. Despite your best efforts, though, certain problems will crop up as you near the 200,000-mile mark. We calculated the cost to repair certain items in a typical 2008 Toyota Camry V6 using the free Consumer Reports Car Repair Estimator. Your repair costs might be different than those shown here. 1. Exhaust Systems That Rust Out You can tell...

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What to do if you lock your keys in the car

Posted by on Dec 7, 2015 in Helpful Tips | Comments Off on What to do if you lock your keys in the car

By Consumer Reports Published November 30, 2015 Consumer Reports Facebook48 Twitter0 Email Print  (iStock) The odds are you’ll lock your keys in the car sometime, and those odds are on the increase. The American Automobile Association reports that it gets calls from more than 4,000,000 locked-out motorists every year. That’s up from 500,000 or less just a few years ago. The culprits, according to AAA, are keyless ignition and increasingly sophisticated electronic anti-theft systems. With the harried holiday shopping season upon us, you might be even more likely to lock yourself out. Here’s what you can do to stay calm and get help on the way. Dial 911 Safety comes first; so don’t hesitate to call 911 if you think you’re in danger. In many cases, the police can unlock the car’s door. If they can’t, they will probably...

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Five common car myths busted

Posted by on Nov 23, 2015 in Helpful Tips | Comments Off on Five common car myths busted

Published November 19, 2015 Facebook81 Twitter58 Email Print  (iStock) Browsing the Internet you’ll be surprised to find there are more shocking facts, videos and pictures about cars than about sex, food or any other industry. Truth be told, for a nation of drivers, we still believe in those silly myths about our cars and tires. Some are funny and other can cost serious cash and mileage. YOU CAN TRICK A SPEED CAMERA For many drivers the most frustrating and costly experience is seeing the blinding flash from a well-hidden police speed camera tucked behind the trees on the footpath. To help avoid receiving a picture in the mail, people have tried almost everything to trick and avoid being caught. Hairspray has been a popular choice, supposedly making the license plate unreadable when flashed. The bad news is that this...

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Five of the best classic car swap meets

Posted by on Oct 12, 2015 in Helpful Tips | Comments Off on Five of the best classic car swap meets

Published October 09, 2015 Hagerty Facebook0 Twitter0 Email Print Hershey Swap Meet (Hagerty) With the rise of eBay and other virtual parts bazaars, many predicted that it was only a matter of time before swap meets became a thing of the past. Swap meets haven’t died yet, nor do they show any sign of fading away. Maybe it’s something primordial within people, the thrill of the hunt—risking a case of tetanus to grab that rusty Model A fender— that just can’t be satisfied with a sterile mouse click. Here are five great swap meets that are still going strong: Hershey: Hershey is the granddaddy of U.S. swap meets, held during the first week of October in conjunction with the AACA Eastern Regional Fall Meet. It’s a bit of a cliché, but it really is true: If you can’t find it at...

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Where to go for maintenance and repairs

Posted by on Oct 5, 2015 in Helpful Tips | Comments Off on Where to go for maintenance and repairs

Published on Where to bring your car depends on what needs to be done Last updated: February 2014 Before you consider where to take your vehicle for maintenance and repair, you need to understand the difference between the two. Routine maintenance items are those listed in your vehicle’s owner’s manual as part of the model’s service schedule. They are intended to keep your vehicle in top operating condition. Repairs are service that needs to be performed to fix a problem. Where you take your vehicle may depend on what needs to be done. Scheduled maintenance can be performed at any dealership; you don’t have to go to the one where you bought the vehicle. Likewise, you can take your vehicle to an independent auto-repair shop or franchise, which are typically less expensive than dealerships. Federal law gives you the...

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How to find a great car mechanic

Posted by on Sep 15, 2015 in Helpful Tips | Comments Off on How to find a great car mechanic

Published on What you should look for in finding a good repair shop Last updated: October 2014 Whether you moved, changed car brands, had a bad experience, or your preferred car dealership closed, there are many options for tending to your car maintenance and repair needs. Based on annual surveys, we find consumers generally have a higher level of satisfaction with independent shops over car dealerships. If your car is under warranty, you will still need to go to a dealership for warranty repairs, but you won’t need to go to the dealership for routine maintenance. Under federal law you have the right to have repairs performed anywhere you like without voiding the warranty. But identifying a mechanic you can trust for your car takes a lot more than letting your fingers do the walking. You have to do...

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