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Cardok is a stylish way to stash your car
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Pirates used to bury their treasure, why shouldn’t you?

An underground garage called Cardok makes this possible, while lending a superspy HQ mystique to your split-level home.

Essentially a covered car elevator installed into a pit, the $60,000 device is billed by its creators as a stylish safety solution, particularly for high-dollar vehicles. It not only protects them from the elements, but also makes them more difficult to steal than from a traditional above ground garage. Also, it’s just slightly cooler than an rolling garage door.

The top can be paved or decorated to match the surrounding surface, or equipped to support a second car of up to 6,600 pounds, doubling your storage capacity within the same square footage. Unfortunately, you’re mother-in-law won’t be able to move into the apartment above it, since there isn’t one, but you can always park a camper for her there.

Lifting is managed by an electro-hydraulic system that the company says is nearly silent, and Cardok comes with a backup generator in case of a power outage. Classic car collectors can have the sarcophagus fitted with climate control and dehumidifying systems to take care of their vehicles during a long winter’s nap, but shoveling snow off of the top still has to be done the old fashioned way…ask the butler.

Want one? Installation only takes about three days, but the business is based in Europe and focused there, so delivery to the U.S. might take a little bit longer than that. You can always start digging while you wait.