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2015 Ford Mustang’s safety secret



The 2015 Ford Mustang has something hidden in its glove compartment.

Well, not exactly in it.

The new pony car will be Ford’s first model to feature a new passenger side knee airbag integrated into the glove compartment door.

An inflatable bladder is stuffed between the door panels, allowing the system to be smaller, lighter and quicker to deploy than standard knee airbags, which are installed under the dashboard.

Passengers in a crash will come in contact with the hard plastic surface of the door, but Ford says the entire unit will offer the same cushioning effect as a typical airbag. There are a total of eight airbags in the new Mustang.

The feature will also be offered on the 2015 Ford Edge crossover, which is available with airbag-equipped rear seatbelts that were also pioneered by the automaker.